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Client Services

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Administration & Management

SME's will complete a comprehensive review, documenting effectiveness of leadership levels as related to the efficient and effective facility operations and ability to meet applicable Administration & Management standards.

Compliance will focus on the existence, oversight and execution of written policies and procedures, along with chain of command, control, responsibility, oversight and delegation of authority by the administration. The review will further examine the effectiveness of the leadership levels as related to the efficient and effective operations of the institution.

Food Services


SME's will complete a comprehensive facility performance in the  provision of nutritional meals to detainees in accordance with applicable Food Service standards.

Compliance will focus on standards pertaining to food service management operations; documented daily inspections of all food service areas; whether food service operations are reviewed by an independent outside source to ensure food service facilities and equipment meet established governmental health and safety codes; whether staff, volunteers, contractors, and detainees are medically cleared to work in the food service preparation area; whether proper storage and preparation of foods is being accomplished, including an inspection of all preparation areas to ensure compliance with United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) or State Food Codes; whether all chemicals and hazardous materials are properly stored with proper accountability and safe handling procedures; and whether all dietary needs are being met according to county, state and federal requirements.


Safety & Sanitation

SME's will audit and document a comprehensive compliance review of facility compliance in meeting all applicable federal, state, and county Fire Safety Codes, in addition to those set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and safety requirements as set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), inclusive of the existence of an evacuation plan for use in the event of fire or major emergency.

Safety and Sanitation service areas to be audited include, but are not limited to: whether the facility has a Fire Safety Plan and conducts audits and annual inspections of the facility; whether all internal and external audits and inspections are documented and properly retained; whether all chemicals and hazardous material is properly accounted for and stored; whether the facility is clean; and whether all detainees have the proper supplies to maintain hygiene at an acceptable level, etc. as outlined in the applicable state, county or federal standard.

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Health Services

SME's will focus on the auditing and documenting the facility’s performance in meeting applicable standards for detainee healthcare.


Compliance will focus on an assessment of whether policies and procedures are appropriate to meet standards for coordination of care among multidisciplinary health care providers; proper medical training and equipment; credentialing; proper medical and mental health screening; available 24-hour emergency medical, dental, and mental health services; whether the facility has an adequate Chemical Dependency Program, Suicide Prevention Program, Hunger Strike policy, procedures regarding sexual assault, and proper procedures in place regarding an inmate death, etc. as outlined in the applicable state, county or federal standard.


Security & Control

SME's will review facility reports that measure the compliance of the facility’s ability to meet applicable policies, regulations and standards.

The areas to be inspected include, but are not limited to, examining the effectiveness of security policies, procedures, post orders, emergency plans, Restricted Housing, key & utensil control, inmate searches, tool control, weapons training, staffing, logs and documentation, inmate accountability, use of force, inmate searches, contraband control, inmate transportation, entrance procedures, booking, intake, screening systems, and other areas are of compliance as outlined in the applicable state, county, or federal Standards.


Services & Programs

SME's will document facility compliance as to whether there is a formal classification process administered during Intake for managing and separating detainees, and to ensure verifiable and documented data about detainees is utilized during the classification process. All aspects of services and correctional programs will be reviewed in accordance with specific standards that are applicable.

Areas to be reviews include but not limited to

  • Inmate/detainee rights

  • Prisoner Rape Elimination Act information

  • Facility rules and regulations and religious services

  • Educational and volunteer programs


Restrictive Housing

SME's will document facility policy implementation and processes ensuring immates/detaineers are housed in the least restrictive housing including access to appropriate medical care, to ensure their own safety, as well as the safety of staff, other inmates and detainees, and the public.

Areas of review include but are not limited to 

  • Staffing

  • Detainee Records

  • Healthcare

  • Classification and Housing

  • Detainee Discipline 


After-Action Facility Reviews

SME's provide written assessment of facility performance before, during and after an incident to determine compliance with facility policy, procedures and contract requirements. The review will be based on the applicable standards required for prevention within a correctional or detention facility but not limited to:

  • Suicide

  • Escape

  • Disturbance


Quality Assurance Reviews

SME's provide written assessment of facilities performance level as required in the detention contract ensuring the safe and secure housing of inmates/detainees.


Areas of Review:

  • Administration & Management

  • Healthcare

  • Security and Control 

  • Environmental Safety and Sanitation

  • Services and Programs 

  • Food Service

  • Restrictive Housing


Pre-Occupancy Reviews

SME's perform a written assessment of facility policies, operational procedures, and physical facility design prior to housing inmates/detainees to ensure their safe and secure housing.


  • Administration & Management

  • Healthcare

  • Security and Control

  • Environmental Safety and Sanitation

  • Services and Programs

  • Food Service

  • Restrictive Housing


On-Site Performance Based Monitoring

SME's observes, documents, and reports daily facility operational issues during the week/weekends on all shifts to the safe, secure, and humane conditions of confinement. Including but not limited to:

  • Policy/Procedures

  • Significant Incidents

  • Security and Control

  • Health Care

  • Environmental Safety and Sanitation

  • Facility Maintenance

  • Services and Programs

  • Food Service

  • Restrictive Housing

Other Consulting Services

Staff Training


Staffing Analysis

Policy Development

Private Investigations

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